about me

Hey Ya'll
I'm Brianna.A 20 something year old,semi-outgoing,bubbly,sweet and huge hearted,random girl just trying to create her world on a daily basis.
My personality and moods change daily,as I am emotionally inspired by the world around me.I just wanted to share a bit about what makes me,well,ME...so sit back,kick your feet up with your caffinated goodness of choice(trust me you probably deserve it more than you give yourself credit for)and indulge in a little randomness,its what makes life fulfilling!

1.I live off of redbull,its truely bad,and my greatest weakness,i have one on a bi-daily basis.As a newly discoved anemic,its what gets me through the day.
2.Ben & Jerry know where its at!Especially when they created their peanut butter icecream.We have a love hate relationship as they created the beginings of my compulsive overeating disorder,but man if they havent comforted me on many lonely gloomy nights!
3.I truely belive all the insanely creative people talk to themselves(as I have since the age of 4!)If you cant have a full roll playing conversation with yourself and yourself,you havent truely lived.
4.I believe in love at first sight,When I first saw my now hubby of 6 years in our highschool english class I saw fireworks(truthfully).I knew I needed him in my life,and 10 years together,7 military years,2 kids,and many arguements later I am still madely in love with that man.
5.I love to meet new people,really who doesnt,but I REALLY love to get to know all about what makes people happy and the story behind the story!
6.If I could live barefoot,I would,i drive barefoot,go outside barefoot in the fall months(long as I can tolerate it!)
7.I grew up in Maine,in a moderately populated town,great life,but ALWAYS secretly wished I was born and raised in one of those tiny southern towns you see in the movies where everybody knows EVERYBODY!
8.i am deathly afraid of the thought of death,just saying that i am afraid of death makes me start to have a panic attack and i loose my breath and my heart starts beating fast
9.I was born with 4 ankles,rather than the typical 2(the outside bones,i had 2 right on top of eachother)had surgery to chisel one down on each foot in high school and was wheelchair ridden for 3 months because of it!
10.i feel closest to god when i am singing,alone,loud ,and with my eyes closed,i get this overwhelming feeling of love in my heart,like the same feeling you get when you children look you right in the eye and tell you they love you
11.i honestly think that my favorite place to be is my bed,i could spend LOT more hours in my bed,there is no greater comfort
12.my top 4 favorite songs of all time are:Aerosmith:Dream on,Bush:comedown,Smashing Pumpkins:Today,Garth Brooks:to make you feel my love
13.i am deathly afraid of heights since falling out of a tree @ 11 years old but would LOVE to skydive
14.i am 26years old and have no idea what i truely want to do in life everyday work wise(i am in love with being a stay at home momand would never want to change that )but i have not even the slightest clue what i want to do with myself once my kids are all grown and in school
15.i am everchanging and reforming myself,its not that i am unsure of who i am or insecure but i strive for change in the known(i love my family and need that security but need change constantly in alot of other life aspects)
16.i love tattoos,i have way far less than i should based on my admiration for them,afraid to seem too tatted up?
17.i am the sweetest most reserved girl and the most outgoing and crude girl sometimes
18.i hate ...let me repeat HATE feet dont touch me with them,put them near me,i will freak out if you are over the age of 5(and thats a huge leap from 10 years ago...i couldnt even touch a 2 years olds)
19.i need to do something creative daily,in some shape or form if just for a brief moment
20.i still watch my 1 and 4 year old sleep sometimes,and i am so blessed
21.Christmas is my favorite holiday,not for the gifts or the consumer mumbo-jumbo,but for the feeling of unity,peace and love it brings to me,its a yearly reminder to breathe and enjoy the little things
22.when i get angry i clean,cleanliness gives my mind clarity
23.2 is my favorite number and i have an OCD tendancy about symetry and eveness,so the number 22 is my ULTIMATE number
24.i have to clean my ears twice a day everyday even if theyre(obviously)not dirty,its like a nervous tick
25.i am a night owl and partial insomniac and therefore writting this at 1:19 am

I {HEART}.....
black and white photography,music(AEROSMITH=#ONE),weeping willow trees,lifesaver wintergreen mints,hot baths,the sun on my face,crude comedy movies(superbad,oldschool),redbull,family time,driving barefoot,playing Halo online,water,bubbles,capturing moments,COLOR,thrift svaing stores(ross,marshalls,tuesday mornings),inspirational quotes,random thoughts,reading in bed at night by flashlight,sleeping in,the feeling you get when you meet a new friend you can share anything with,singing to a crowd,blog hopping,when I get home from being out and my baby girls come runnig to me screaming "mommy"!,white noise,