Thursday, June 25, 2009

my A-B-C's of Scrapbooking

So a fellow blogger Rosie had this cute list of abcs on her blog,all her favorite things from a-z...i LOVED the idea and told her i was totally "borrowing" it.And it has inspired me in so many ways,i am an addicted for a-z lists i chose to kickstart my a-z craze with non-other than a scrapbook a-z list of my favorite scrapings!enjoy,and be on the lookout for mre a-z's of mine yet to come!!!
A. -Alphabet chipboard:if its a funky font,i can distress it,or it glitters like no other,it is in my stash and used quite often,most of all i can't help but paint the littel buggers!
B. -Buttons:i know theyre no new concept,but i find myself using the m alot lately,as frames for pics,and other great ways!
C. -creating art:i try to take each layout as a work of art rather than just a page with pics,which normally involves destressing and LOTS of paint.
D. -Die cut papers:cant get enough of them,they add so much more to the basic square!!!
E. -everything and anything that screams ME,even i dont know what that is until I see it:my pages are unique and random like me,mostly i am an Embellishment overload queen.
F. -funky fun layouts:i love pizzaz and i LOVE color!!!
G. -Glitter:anything that glitters,paper,loose glitter,embellishments,i would like to thank my girly girls for this!
H. -Hand stitching:I hand stitch everything,infact i think i am slightly afraid of my hand held size stitching machine!
I. -I can't think of anything for I so i will say,i dont know which in response reminds me of being clueless on a page,when you know something is missing,but just cant put your finger on it,thus probably resulting in my over addiction to embellishments!hahahaha!
J. -journaling that is hidden:i think i like it so much for the reason i said before,i am always trying to make a layout into art,so my ugly handwritting will just mess taht up,better off to just hide it then,RIGHT?
K. -keep thinking but i cant think of a darn k-word either!!!!!the only one that comes to mind is Kits,which i have yet to get into!
L. -Lace Cardstock:i love the designs lasered out,so fun and they always seem to catch my eye!
M. -Making Memories:i maen really,scrapping is a huge passion of mine,but we would be nowhere without pictures,and we would have nothing to take pictures of with out making those amazing family and life memories that will last in my heart and in my girls hearts forever!
N. -Numbers:i try to use them randomly on my pages,they add a special bit of spunk!
O. -outlining pictures in doodles:doodling in general has become a favorite scrapbook technique of mine lately,i love the personality it adds to my pages!
P. -paper:i am a paper fein,i love it all,and i love ALOT of it!While i have my favorites(fancy pants design,jenni bowlin,DCWV,urban lily....)i am an equal opportunity paper collector!!!
Q. -Quilling,i dont do it on my page,but i have always found it fun!
R. -ribbon flowers:theyre preety and fun,and unique over store bought flowers
S. -Sassafrass lass-LOVE LOVE LOVE the line,all the funky paper and the vibrant colors,im a big fan!
T. -time consuming pages and projects:the more you put into them the greater the outcome and gratification!
U. -Uglifying paper:be it by tearing,distressing,crumpling,its fun!
V. -velvet letters,preety and soft to touch
W. -white washing with paint:much like just painting the paper,but you mix it with water so it has a slight transparency
X. -???you got me here?nothin?
Y. -year in review pages:great to see all the greats in one collection
Z. -zigzags:either by thread and needle,zig-zag scissors,or doodling!

hope you liked my compilation and feel free to steal this idea!


  1. I love your ABC's! I want to do a 101 list and this inspired me...I dont know how I would do it lol so maybe i should start small with this ABC one lol. So cool!

  2. Great ABC list!

    K -- K and Co?
    KRAFT paper? oooh that's one for me!!!!
    Kelly Panacci stuff?


    Great blog!!

  3. love your list! i like a lot of the same stuff you do -- i just did my first kit . . .

  4. I've done some ABC lists too, Not one just for scrappy stuff though. May have to try it.

  5. Super Cute blog!
    Great list!

    Have a great weekend!
    Dedra Long