Friday, July 10, 2009

five fave fridays????

okay so I dont conform to peer pressure and the main stream often,or atleast I try so very hard not to,but everyone is doing this five fav friday junk.At first I thought,alright,people come to see my scrap pages,and probably care nothing about what I truely have to say,but second thinking it,I say the more personality a blog has the greater the place right,and let me say I have not shared a single great thing about myself,so while I am quite aware that it is 12:47 am and technically therefore it is no longer Friday I am gonna give this thing a shot,i hope someone cares and can appreciate that I am human and not just a scrapping machine!!!so here goes

1.I am obsessed with doodling,I cant help it,I wanna doodle on every page,I love the Character it adds!

2.I have always loved my Save Ferris(Modified) Cd and favored it like the amazingness it is,abandoning all my other cds like knit sweaters from Grandma on your Birthday,But I have been listening to it for like 3 days straight non-stop,seriously!Its SKA and totally random and fun and upbeat just like me!
3.Being barefoot(no I WILL NOT post a photo of my feet,but i love the sand,grass,even gas peddle under my bare feet!

4.This funny shirt I found on a random site search last night!hahaha,made me laugh!

5.And last but not least,sad to say,much as i love my Husband,he has been away for work all week,and the lack of picking up after him and the x -box all to myself at night(yes I play Halo3!!!)and the free time of no personal guilt of scrapbooking and reading,who says being lonely is no fun sometimes!

so sorry if this random list stinks but as I said its now 1 in the morning and my bed is beckoning and a quick list is better than none at all right!!!(also along with this new conforming of 5 faves I want to start acknowledging all the amzing sites I come across in my scrapbook travels,so be on the lookout soon for a new post day all about the blogs I love,who knows yours may be featured one week!!woot woot!)


  1. Hahahaha love your 5's!! thanks for sharing! You reminded me to go do mine at 3:16 in the am lol. You are too funny, knit sweaters from Grammy...LMBO!!

  2. HOLY SMOKES ~ i looooooove save ferris ~ like a lot, a lot,,, i saw them so many times when i was in high school at the roxy in hollywood ~ this might be the begining of a beautiful bloggie friendship :-D

  3. still love you for loving save ferris ~ just so you know ;-)