Saturday, July 25, 2009

friday faves!

ahhh I missed it again,I was gone all night last night.I have had sleep issues my whole life,bouts of insomnia,waking up multiple times in the night,never feeling in deep sleep,so I finally spoke up to get it all figured out,and they had me come in last night for a sleep study(from 9-5)and let me tell you,those are NOT the hours i keep,so how did i sleep,like crap!I woke up atleast 4 times,tossed and turned all night,so heres hoping something comes out of it.And after all this I will go back to sleep and rest for a much needed night out with the girls here(we go to dinner than the bar,as a moms night out group,)so thus results in my #1 on my list for this friday of favorite things.....
#1)-MUDSLIDES!!!!um,um,tonight is our night old friend,and the bar we go to serves these amazing shots called pocket rocks,or something like that,which taste just like those red,blue,and white popsicles!heres to drinking and dancing with good company!
#2)The word UBER...dont know where i picked it up,but lately,everything that i love has to have the word uber in front of mood right now,I am uber tired..see,it just makes everything sound cooler!
#3)SPUNKY SKUNKS-i started a new network and the members so far seem to be an amazing group of ladies,I hope the people keep joining,cause once the challenges start it should be "uber"fun!
#4)My youngest Aubrielle-i mean dont get me wrong,i love both my girls,with all my heart,and very equally,but this week,Aubrey has been so lovey,I have never seen her so sweet,kisses every 5 minutes,wanting to be held nonstop,mimicking us and trying her darndest to say "I LOVE YOU" back to us...she was one of those babies that when she was born acted like a 3 month old right away,she didnt want to be held like a baby,swaddled,loved on much,she wanted to be up and explore the world,so this is GREAT!I guess shes buttering me up,cause her birthday is in 3 weeks,and she must have her little 11 month old eye on a special toy!hahaha

#5)and finally #5 for the week-finding my other camera finally!YAY,it was hiding in plain sight,now i wont need to use hubby cell,i just need to get a card reader for the computer!YAY!!!!
well I am off to bed,I will share some scrapbook goodness with you great ladies another day!!!!


  1. LOVE this picture! What a doll! I know you have scrapped it and wanna share...right?