Saturday, September 26, 2009

so i quite obviously have not blogged in forever...I have been uber busy,traveling outta state,then hubby took the week off so I have been enjoying some greatly needed down time with the four of us (hubby,gurls,and myself)And plus I have been trying to catch up on My redvelvet art class,so fun,but i have yet to find the time to make friends from the class :(..i love making new friends.Anywho,I have been hoping to make some great things for a bit and keep putting "stuff" on the back burner,and all i have focused on is heres to a new month and high hopes of branching my art focus,firts order of buisness,finish that tutu i started for lexi in,like, biggest fault is I get lost ,I have so many ideas in my head and get so excited about them that i will start a project and get side tracked by another project and start that project,and the pattern goes on till I have 3/4 projects started and need to choose which to finish first...this is the story of my life!!!!does anyone else have this problem or is it truely just me????

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