Monday, November 16, 2009

its a spunky monday!

new prompt is up at spunky scrappers(ning / blog)and its all bout letting freedom ring,sing,do its thing!My sweet husband is a United States Marine so the word free comes up often in my daily life!so i figured hey i scrap enough,lets add another page to his marine corps album hes been begging me to work on!this layout showcases pics of him on the day he graduated from bootcamp.....about 24 hours before i jumped him from being alone and away for 3 months!hhehe,enoy and hop on over and share your patriotism,and if its not your thing share your interperataion of the word free,be it freedom,freebies,freelance(photographer),freethinker,freeballin(haha sorry i couldnt resist!)

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