Thursday, January 28, 2010

teomporary blogging heiatis

i am in a major "creating"mode,so please remain calm in this brief intermission of bloggy inspiration,i promise in a day or two ill have lots to rock your creative mind,until then heres some awesome news with linkage to check out!I recently chose to focus being active on many other sites rather than try and run my own(we all know how that sadely ended)so in catching up on loading pics to simplyscrapping earlier this week,i was approached by the creator of the site and owner of a great ebay/web store to be part of her DT!I was so excited,just the one week being on her team i have become fond of her,she is just the sweetest lady!If given the time you should truely check the site out,and also be on the look out for far more projects from me,now that time permets i can finally get to all those ideas i have and put them into action!well taht about wraps it up for here today!have a happy bloggy day my fine friends!


  1. congrats!!! that is so cool!!!! miss you & spunky!!

  2. DUDE!!! I just noticed you gave me an "artists" shout out on your sidebar. O. M. G. I am soooooo honored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. I'm so happy that you said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being on the team with you! You are a fabulous addition!!!!