Monday, January 18, 2010

what do you get when you mix a giant furry rat and a 3 year old?

an awesome sequence of events to scrap!haha,My husband and I took Alexia to Chuckee Cheese for the first time last year and she was so excited sitting with her Pizza,waiting for the elusive "Chuckee Cheese" to comeout,and when they announced it she had so much joy and excitement in her eyes,and then Mr.Chesses started dancing and getting closer and the screams came flying,and what great parent woulnd take photos rather than comfort(well not till after the pics were taken!)She didnt let that crazy mouse man out of her sight the entire 5 minutes he walked around the place!Needless to say we have not returned since!someday she may brave him again,but until then,i give you this layout as proof!


  1. LMAO!!! OMG, this is great!! You are just like me... Big Rat comes out, kid starts screaming, and I start snapping pictures! Poor Alexia!! This is a great reminder though of the trip. Hopefully she will get over her fear... if not, hey, less money spent on pizza and tokens, right?

    Great layout!! Love the colors!

  2. LOL!! Didn't see this post before... when we were in California all the kids wanted was to go to Chucky Cheese...every night!! (well, we didn't of course, not every night!) It's a shame they don't have Chucky Cheeses here!
    BTW the layout is great! It's a good thing you went on taking pic instead of comforting your little girl! rofl!!