Monday, March 8, 2010

a little diddys about ME

so,if youre anything like me I LOVE to blog hop,I have always been an observer of people,and I love a good story(not to mention the killer inspiration I can come across on a gloomy crafty day!)
so I thought why not share a bit of fun randomness about me!
*I was born on the fourth of july(all those fireworks are for me!)
*my favorite number was 2 when i was little because it was nice and even...everything great comes in pairs,then when i got into my teens my favorite number became 22,cause theres two # 2's and thats twice as wonderful as the # 2(right!)
*I met my husband in HighSchool and it was truely love at first sight,the fireworks in the eyes ,heart palpitations and all,and what won him over was a story I told my class about a fish I had that died because he ate his own poop!ahh how romantic huh!)
*aside from trying to please my family and make others happy,and the slight yearning for acceptance that I think everyone feels and makes you do things that may not be 100%,well ME...i fell most like ME without rules and showing off when I am singing,I close my eyes when I sing and a warmth and fulfillment comes over me,and all is right(and I cant lie,I can belt one out,and I'm actually a pretty darn good singer!)
*I grew up in a decent sized town in the state of Maine,I had a great family and great friends,no problems,but I always deeply yearned that I could have grown up in a really small southern town,you know like the ones in the movies where everyone knows everyone else.....someday maybe!
*I like to play video games online,mostly the game Halo for x-box,its great for stress!
*If i honestly think i could live in my bed I would,the softness and comfort of all the perfect
*I grew up in the northern most state on the east coast and cant stand the cold(love snow)but cant stand the cold
*I'm allergic to cats
*I'm afraid of heights,like to the point that climbing a ladder in my own house gives me a panic attack
*I believe that old school and Super bad are the greatest movies of all time,i love the humor,the more crude the humor,the more I love it!
*I feel that if I could have one symbol represent me for the rest of my life it would be a star,i have always felt that.I have 3 tattoos in 3 different places on my body and each one has a star Incorporated in it!
*I am 25 and have no idea "what I want to be when I grow up!"
well that's all i got off today,I am off to scrap for the first time in a week(crazy days in the Marshall house this week!)

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