Thursday, June 17, 2010

ahh,theres nothing like going home again!

And by home I am referring to the great state of Maine.As you may have picked up by now,hubby is in the military,meaning we live out of our home state ,far away from family(9 hours away that is...for now).I was raised very family oriented ,so going home to visit is important to me,and even more so know that i can share my childhood memories with my kids,thus creating new memories to boot.On our last trip home i made a point to get the girls to the beach hubby and i grew up playing on.Wells beach may very well be the greatest beach for me,a smaller town,small boardwalk,safe,beautiful...They had a blast,finding snails was their favorite,but i made a point to sneak in some amazing portraits of the girls,and this was one of my favorites.
I got to use up some awesome letters i had been stashing also for the new challenge over at simply scrapping.I cant wait to get some more down on paper!


  1. This is super gorgeous! Love it!

  2. This is fabulous Bri! I love the photos, they are gorgeous! And I LOVE Maine, and one day hope to move there!! So I totally know how you feel wanted to be "home" is truly a wonderful place! So glad you had a great time!