Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a scraplift and blog candy alert!

the ever awesome Gilly purposed a scraplift of the super sweet Shells layout beachboy(which is now out for publication,thus being removed from her blog..Yay for Shell).But before she took it down i got a chance to use her layout as inspiration to create this layout of my ever rewarding day job as a stay-at-home mom,( it pays in hugs and kisses)Also,speaking of shell,not only should you stp by her blog too take a peek at her great work,but shes also giving away these great goodies..... look how yummy they are!


  1. Just gorgeous!!!! I love Shell's work too and her lilredrocket store!!!!

  2. what an awesome layout.


  3. I love this layout Bri! There's no better payment than hugs & big fat wet kiss :)

  4. What a gorgeous layout! Love the happy feeling of it!! I really really like your scrapping style (but I already told you before!).
    Hugs, Monique