Monday, August 9, 2010

oh how i love summer nights!

I must say theres nothing bettter than warm,long,late nights,combined with barefoot toes and great friends or family and i am in Heaven.One of the highlights of this summer season was the girls VERY first taste of smores(sad I know,but my o.c.d nature couldn't compromise with the mess of smores until now!)Let me tell you it was love for both girls.So naturally i had to scrap the event
I created this layoutfor Simply Scrappings new black and white photo challenge!And while I am posting DT reveals,i will play catch up from my mini vacation to Maine and post this months Scrap your Crap layout,featuring decorative tape!I took this photo of Lexi with my first experimental photoshoot(yep I have recently decided to go the way of the Photographer!)I even completed my first client shoot before heading to Maine!They were happy so i was happy but the perfactionist in me wishes i could have had more time before our dinner plans which crunched the shoot time down!But what can i do,I am still in learning process!

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  1. I love your layouts Bri!!! We just got back from camping & I can't wait to scrap my Smores pics!!!