Thursday, January 20, 2011

mommy's angel

i have been in a scrapping whirl-wind.Due to the move i had to pack up my scrappy goodies,and move them,and therefore refrain from using them for a while,and let me tell you,while i missed my scrap time,i believe that 3 month break i forced myself to make was a great break for my creativity.I have been scrapping a layout every other day(it may take me two days to make a layout due to my hand stitching,and i am loving it and the results have been nice.I would highly recommend a break to anyone in a scrappy bind,it may be more needed than you think.Anyways,in the midst of my scrapp-a-ganza,i just decided that is a GREAT name for it!haha,i created this layout with my all time favorite photo of Aubrielle at about 2 weeks old.I cant help but scrap all these baby photos,what with Kenzie due soon and all!
I bought these wings and halo online before Aubrey was born and knew i just had to get a photo of her with them.It is one of the only photos i have taken that i love soo much that i truly want to blow it up into a giant canvas,but poor Lexi has no great pictures as i didn't get into photography until far after she was born,but what can you do right?


  1. awwww what a sweet photo of your little girl! Gorgeous the colours you have used...the blue looks fantastic!! xx

  2. How I miss seeing your work! You always have made some of the best layouts I have ever seen! I love your style!!