Friday, February 18, 2011

photo friday

When we had gone for our routine gender ultrasound for our baby girl #3,we were told that our fluid levels were very low,so they preformed a repeat ultrasound today to recheck her levels.All is great,my levels are up and everything is right on target.Baby is measuring at 1 pound and 7 oz,and she is a mover.We got to watch her excitedly eat on her own foot,apparently it is a good flavor.This was so fun to get a late ultrasound done,but it doesn't help my anxiousness for her arrival in June.Thank you to everyone who prayed for our baby girls well being.


  1. That is such wonderful News! Nothing scarier than having an ultrasound or test and having something not be quite right with a pregnancy!

    I'm so happy that you had great news and that you little baby girl is is doing fine! I'm sure you were anxious as we all would be! Breathe in and relax! :)

    Three girls! How sweet is that!! :)


  2. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Congrats on your little girl- I, too, am pregnant with a baby girl and it looks like we're due at about the same. I'm just over 25 weeks now. It's girl #4 for us. Have a great day!