Thursday, March 3, 2011

LOTS and lots of yumminess!

literally...I have been lobbying for new recipes,since nothing sounds appealing in my recent stage of pregnancy,and also,when the baby gets here,the more simple recipes I can gather up,the easier life will be for us all.My new favorite recipe is a CRAZY simple stromboli,and hubby and the girls love it so much,i felt i should share it with yall.Try it,i promise you wont be dissapointed.

Before preparring meal,preheat oven to 350 degrees.First you take a refrigerated french loaf,roll it out on your lightly greased and floured pan,stretching gently to cover surface.Next using the pizza sauce of choice,spread it on the entire dough.

Gather all of your filling choices,I personally chose salami,pepperoni,cheese,mushrooms,and ham(yummy!)Continue to layer your fillings to the very middle of the dough,leaving the sides empty to fold.We Marshalls LOVE our cheese,so i chose to add a layer of cheese after every topping layer.When complete with your filling,fold side up on itself and tuck the top and bottom edges under themselves as shown.

Using one egg mixed together,lightly brush the dough with the egg,than cut 5-6 slits on the top surface of the stromboli,allowing slight ventilation for dough.Next sprinkle lightly with Parsley flakes and pop in the oven for 25-30 minutes.remove from oven when done to cool,and ENJOY!:)

Aside from some yummy food i also have some yummy sneaks to share.Heres some peeks from layouts i am working on,and even better,some yummy goodies i would love to share with a great reader of mine for my very first give away,which i will be posting Saturday!:)Until then,enjoy the peeks,and the remainder of you work week.!


  1. Yummy, I make something similar. Our favorite one is with onions, spinach & (chicken)sausage. It's so delicious!!!

  2. Now I am hungry... again! And I just ate!