Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wow April,Really!

I swear i am alive!My reason for disappearance......

Man can i tell you about the whirlwind this precious girl sent me through.Pregnancy complications,induced labor due to high fluid levels,long labor resulting in loss of far too much blood and clotting for weeks,and gallstone attacks guessed to have resulted from the pregnancy which is yet to be resolved(scheduled surgery for 9-9-11).
So let me ask,have you ever longed to play with your paper,scissors,and glue,and been too tired and busy to do so?I have its like a drug withdrawl,someone please send me a glitter drip and a mojo wish,and hopefully i can be back in the scrapbooking game soon enough!


  1. Honey I have been in the same boat as you! I'm due on Sunday with baby #5 and I've had complications for the last couple of months. Been in and out of the hospital and doctors office at least twice a week. I haven't had any gall stones this pregnancy thank God! I know how much it hurts and makes you sick! My gall bladder problems went away after I had my 3rd child and never came back. I got lucky. This time around my body isn't liking being pregnant at all but baby looks good so my doctor isn't going to induce me. I haven't picked up scissors, paper, glue or anything remotely crafty in month because I pass out if I am standing up or sitting upright for more than a minute or 2. I can't wait until I can put my scrap room that I finally have together and put to good use! Hang in there. It does get better. It feels like it takes forever to get better, but it really does!

  2. Oh poor you :-( :-( :-( that does NOT sound like fun at all!!!
    BUT - Congrats on the gorgeous little girl!!! She's just adorable :-) :-)
    Really hope things get better for you soon xxx