Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then there were 3

Life is a roller coaster,and my house hold has been on a great ride.June 9th brought our family from 4 to five by adding baby girl #3.Little K came in making a scene,with the cord wrapped around her twice,no doubt from womb dancing.We are blessed to have her and call her ours.She grows every day it seems.I swear it was just yesterday she was born and now she is almost 4 months old ,and starting a great little personality of her own.
She is addicted to her thumb.I find it adorable,but daddy says to stop the habit now,its just so difficult when its so darn cute!She is also all smiles and talks your ear off.I wish they could stay this little forever.I captured this photo in my layout when she was just 2 weeks old.I needed one of all three girls,toes and all.It wasn't until after the photo was taken that Big D pointed out that little K was flipping the bird (OPPS).we had a good laugh and now its in the book.I made this layout playing around with Scrapbook circle,combining some of their kits together,Oh how I love these kits!soo lush!

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