Wednesday, January 11, 2012

40 weeks

I can say with all of my heart,that becoming a monther continues to be the most rewarding experience to date.There is no feeling like holding your child, made from love, in your arms.I have had the blessing of experiencing this feeling three times now,and have thought that there must be no other feeling like this in the world.This all was until I gave my girls of the blessing of becoming big sisters.The look on their faces of this miracle is like non-other,and that is when the realization occurs that hubby and I are not the one's waiting for the long 40 weeks.As little as the girls were at each birth,I thought that they could not fully comprehend the situation,that is until you see the light in their eyes.What a miracle it is to give your children such a miraculous blessing!
I created this layout with the January Dixie Pieces Kit.How cute is that.Lots of Jillibean soup to sink your heart into!

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