Sunday, February 5, 2012

coloring book

Check out this months kit at Dixie Pieces.I have to be honest,i am a personal fan of lots of color and working with patterned paper full of color,so this kit was a fun twist for me,and may i be honest,a bit of a challenge.I had to step outside of my natural steps to add the color to my projects.One way I added color was with a blue mist from my stash.I had been stashing this scrap frame away for years now,waiting for the right time,and found it with the help of the doodle bug letters and some mist.Little L has been coming home weekly with fun art work that i would love to showcase in a special manner,so I created this fun frame(which I plan to use as a mat within a frame,yet to be chosen and purchased).I am happy with the look,and cannot wait to hang it in the playroom!Now I am off to finish up last minute super bowl touches.I hope everyone has a great and safe superbowl,i hope to hop on and share pics of our night tomorrow!!


  1. You totally rocked that project!
    Nice work....

  2. Great idea! Love how it turned out!

  3. Love your project, B! Thanks so much for posting about the Dixie Pieces kit!