Monday, May 14, 2012

chevron arrow fun(photo heavy post!)

Good morning!I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!Mine was quite low key,including a sweet plant in a paper cup that Alexia grew at school.Poor,sweet child,didn't want me to see my gift until Sunday,and also did not inform her daddy of its need for sun and water,so there it sat in the paper bag since Friday.It is a bit sad and now needs quick re potting,here is hoping I gained a green thumb this year,since I have never been close to having one before..I mean I killed a cactus in High school,its really that bad!haha.I wanted to share another layout using this months Dixie Pieces kit!
Don't you just love how versatile this kit can be.Just adding a mist in the background with color,brought a whole new element to this kit!I also took the time to make up a fun tutorial on the fun chevron arrows(you can click on photos to see better details!)We all know how trendy chevrons are right now,so i was playing around with the striped paper from the kit,and thought that by angling it properly and lining it up,it could make a great chevron!!I put together steps to share!i hope you enjoy it!
Step 1:using your trimmer,cut a large triangle from your patterned paper leaving a horizontal look as so.
Step two:align your paper up on your trimmer as shown,at your size of choice(i chose for this to cut at 1/2 inch for each side)
Step three:rotating your paper to the right once,do the same as step two,creating the other side of your arrow.
step four:this leaves you with two strips of paper to work with.
step five:gathering your two strips of paper,strips on the outside,cut the end in the same direction as such.
step six:place the two strips of cut paper,stripe side up together ,showing you the finished arrow as such for your paper projects.
Remember that even though this was shown using this months kit,this technique can be used with any striped paper of choice.Another note to remember,the wider the strips you cut,the wider the arrows will be.I am off to edit some photos from a mini shoot this weekend!I hope everyone has a beautiful day!


  1. Awesome layout and great tutorial Brianna!! How sweet of little Alexia..... it's funny, my son did something very similar with the plant that he got me at school. He wants to wait and keep the secret, but my other little one, Serenity wanted to give me everything on Saturday morning! I am sure you will revive the little plant. If not, you can always take her out and shop for a new, more heartier one together! Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

  2. ohhhh sooo lovin the page, love the photos you used!! and SUPER cool chevron tut!!!

  3. That is soooooo sweet about the plant!! I love love love your lo! LOVING how you put it together!!!!