Sunday, May 10, 2009


first off let me say happy mother's day,i hope all of you ladies are having a great one!Unfortuantly Hubby is away so its a normal day for us here,but I am still greatful to have two beautiful reasons to celebrate this day in the first place!And I have a new layout faeturing my oldest of the two of them,Alexia.I wished for her for so long and thus far she has exceeded all my expectations,she was honestly the perfact baby...and is growing up beautifully.And as for Aubrielle,well she is just growing too fast!My technique of the day for this layout is a technique a friend on Cafemom showed us called iris folding.I cant explain it but if you like the way it looks,it is quite simple an you can find simple instructions for it online.It is a way of crisscrossing paper under and object to show a pattern within it.I chose 3 different strip patterns for interest and layered them one strip ata time.I hope you like it and can find a way to use it in your future projects!

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