Friday, June 5, 2009

Cafe mom scrap challange

On one of the groups i am part of on Cafe Mom,they had a posted challenge to complete 6 of 8 layouts based on posted sketchs,i finally completed them,and am preety happy with most of themi esspecially loved scrapping the photos of lexi with her hamberger...the cute story behind that is,one day we were eating dinner and i was trying to teach her that the hamburger she was eating came form cows(not to scare her but to educate)and being a typical little kid,she looked at it in her hand and pondered this idea for a second before looking up at me,smiling and announcing"the hamburger says MOO!!!"too cute i couldnt help but laugh,grab my camera to snap a few pics of her posing with her meat,while they may not be the cutest photos ever,i couldnt help but need to scrap the moment!!!!i hope you enjoy that and the rest of the layouts i completed!!

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  1. Hey. I'm on Cafemom too. I'll add you on there. My username is Kimberleah.