Monday, July 6, 2009


so since i moved to Maryland,something in the air has recaptured my creative side,I am slowly adapting a scraping style...i repeat"slowly"i make art,i like sketchs to follow,yet i am sad..I HAVE NO SCRAPBOOK STYLE.I cannot lie,i blame it on the fact that i was a teenage follower and adapter,i melded myslef to what a single person needed me to be,so i never truely figured out who i was,and as i see it,the point of scrapbooking is to express your thoughts and life moments on a single 12x12 page(my choice)and i..up till recently,found inspiration in sketchs and websites(mainstream)yet i myslef always want to break free from the cookie cutter mold,so today was my revelation,why am i not expressing myself the way i feel,I dont dress the way i would if i weighed less,i dont do my hair the way i would love to because of the curls i was born with,i dont tattoo myself like i would if i didnt have an image to uphold(military wife and mom)so i will be darned if i cant express myself on the page,so here is my decleration,while i am unsure of my true place in the scrapping world,i am finding what i like and what i dont so much and i make a promise right now to show the scrapping world who "I" am...and stop being so hard on my layouts,because in the end the process is whats important,its the mistakes that i learn from that make me happy,all i truely know is "I just LoVe making art!!!!"

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