Sunday, July 5, 2009

a day late,but still i posted!

So i hope yall had a great 4th of July!!!As for me it was my birthday,just another year older(25)I woke up yesterday morning to my husband asking me how it feels to be 25,honestly'i told him,"it feels just like 24....only this year my car insurance goes down!hahaha"i got oto be with family and friends,have peanut butter pie(my version of my birthday cake)drink mudslides and hold and love on a week old baby,i mean really does it get much better than that??and yes,of course i also managed to get a few patriotic pages in that i will post later whaen i can take pictures(as the sun seems to be sleeping all day!)So for anyone who would like to hear it i figured i blog my scrapping life away and seldom share much about me myself,so for the sake of birthdays and feeling like i matter some,i would like to share some facts that make me,
I am married to my hero(my Marine)who also happens to be my highschool sweetheart,i wished to have a daughter,and i now have two,but i dont feel done yet,so maybe a baby for Christmas?(hehe)I live off pasta,icecream,energy drinks,and the occasional mudslide;my fav.color is blue;i am girly but i can hang with the best of the boys...infact i prefer men as friends;I am a HUGE fan of black & white photography(essp. Ansel Adams);If i am not scrapping you can find me singing to anything ,anywhere, my bath!!!!theres way more i could share but i dont wanna bore you!for all you sweet ladies that left me birthday wishes on community sites thanks!and i cant wait to share my great patriotic layouts with you!!!!!


  1. Aww happy birthday (Im a day late, boo). Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and how lucky that everyone is always willing to celebrate with you!