Friday, August 28, 2009

friday faves!woot woot!

its been awhile,left my camera with hubby this weekend(oopps!)but friday needs no personal photos!so lets see this week has been so long and trying,hubby was away for work,and i came down with a bit of a sickness,that was bad,found three bunnies in our backyard(aww) found today in their burrow,2 didnt make it....:(....hurt my back moving stuff around in the house,but hubby came home and set up our pool and the girls love it,its my last week on the DT for lets scrap,but we finally got Lexi a sweet little bike she has been begging long roller coaster week!oh yeah,we got a new upgraded computer tower so my blogiong is uber quick! aside form the sad stuff....the stuff that excited me this week,
#1-CORNBREAD...I visited hubby in VA for the weekend and we went to this little homey restaurant that had the greatest cornbread i have ever had in my LIFE!!!!I am in love and will try till my last breath to dplicate it!!!
#2-MOTIVATION-I have gained FAR too much weight since having Aubrey last year,but hubby and i had the "baby talk"and want to try for sweet #3 around thanksgiving but i dont wanna be preggo this big(dont ask i am not sharing)so that is my motivation,sadely it all lays on me now.
#3-THANKFULNESS-while my week has been a tad crappy,i am reading this sad book about the french round up of the Jews in 1942,while my back hurts and i am sickly,i am privalaged and greatful of the good things in my life!!!
#4-RANDOM AWESOMENESS( i got home sunday night to my entire bottom floor of my home FULL of post it notes-over 110 to be exact...everything,and i mean EVERYTHING was labeled,the wall,every blind,side notes on photo frames,i couldnt help but laugh,my friends who sweetly offered to take out my puppy took it upon themselves to prank us,and let me say after a 5 hour drive with 2 kids,it was exactly what i needed,hilarious and origional!!!)
#5-bye byes and all gones-Aubrey now waves and says bye bye(cupping her hand in towards herself)and when her food is gone she says "all gone"really it is just too cute...shes a heart melter!!
well tahtah for now!

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  1. Awww, hope you are feeling better soon! Great to hear from you, sounds like you had a busy week, but it always gets better! Noah started waving hello and goodbye too! And OMG it is the cutest thing in the world!! I love it! Good for Aubrey!