Tuesday, August 18, 2009

woo what a week!

so family came down for Aubrielles first birthday(no pics to share yet!)So I entertained,went out to see G.I JOe with hubby(not bad,but wait fir dvd!!!)Had a cupcake party for my now NON-baby...and Spunked up the universe with what I must say looks to be one of the most badass DT groups ever!!The first ever spunky scrappers DT has 7 amazingly taleneted ladies Emily, Wati, Heidi, Jess, Kristen, Misty, and myself(I know I am so vein!)We have monday challenges and great fun!Aside from the fact that my week was uber bust,I have been in amazing spirits,it must be the fact that my mommy came to visit,I know I am a grown ass woman,but I am a mommys girl always..and being military I see her once ,MAYBE twice a year,I miss her hugs,call me a loser if you will! So inlight of my great mood I have decided to round up the troops and in honor of firsts have my first ever BLOG CANDY!! woot...I will post later this week,be on the lookout...its GOOD stuff,promise!!!Until then, have a spunkified day!


  1. Sweet about the blog candy... i'm getting stuff together for mine as well. Yay about your mom! I got to see my mommy this weekend too! We had a sleepover! It was a blast! And last but not least, Woot Woot to the Spunky Scrappers DT!!! Hehe!

  2. thanks girl for having me in the team! it will be a blasting team!!

  3. yay!!!!! congrats!!! so happy for you, ill have to check out that link!!!