Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May the force be with you!!!

Prompt #10 over at the pink Ninjas worked out GREAT for me this week,its the first week i have been able to play along and post,and I have been holding out this photo of Dave in his Darth Vadar mask for a bit of time now!Great Idea,and I am happy with the outcome,had to ask hubby what came to mind when he saw the title,thus resulting in the title!Enjoy and I cant wait for tommorrows prompt!


  1. Love all your little doodled details!! Thanks for playing with the Pink Ninjas!
    -Ninja Adrienne

  2. Thanks for playing with us Ninjas!! We love it!


  3. lokie ~ lookie a first timer!!! love it!!! :-)those papers are wicked!! love the stars and such a rad picture!!! thanks for joining us!!! can i share your layout on the ninja blog??
    {xoxo} pink ninja ally*son

  4. LOVE it Bree!!! I'm so glad you finally played along with us! this is awesome!


  5. bree loving how you mixed those pps....