Friday, August 7, 2009


yay for fridays!I get to sleep in tommorow no matter what cause hubby has no work WOOT!...acctually......Big WOOT!!!!!!so i will kick off my top 5's of the week with.....
#1)Sleep!I live for it,the second I wake up I dream about the time I can get back to it,unfortunatly I have terrible sleep,I feel I am never in deep sleep and therefore I am tired ALL day long....and i wake up atleast 3 times each night,but reguardless I love sleep,it is a deer friend that will never leave me dissapointed! show my love of sleep I share with you,my sleeping angel.....

#2)Paramore.....I have been rocking out to them all week long,all day long,everyday!If you havent had the chance to check out their should do yourself the favor!
#3)Rock Band 2...yep I am behind the curb and just finally got my hands on this beast....I love me some much fun!
#4)Painting.....Yeppers,I painted an accent wall in my livingroom RED!its soooo awesome,really!i will try and share photos later if yall woant to see????

#5)...RANDOMNESS5,i have seen so much fun randomness just doing "stuff" this keeps me spunky and lively...most of all it makes me happy!

And making a special apperance this week in the top 5...a top #6(Its just too good I cant leave it off!
#6)The PInk NiNjAs......Any group that runs a star wars prompt is great by me,yall better check out the pink ninjas and start to play along!i cant wait to do the layout for this(I hope I have time with family coming in and all!)


  1. Aww, love your faves, esp the Pink Ninjas! Hehe! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Love your faves this week! I have been so busy around the house the month of July FLEW past me! Hope all is well with you and your fam!

  3. oh yeeeya! thx 4 the ninja love!! you better play along, it's too good of a prompt not to! LOL!

    Peace out!