Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And they just keep coming!

I have to say I am not the girl who likes to pile on blog posts in one day,I try to keep it to a once a day posting.Its like at Christmas,when you spend all year saving the money,then you shop for hours, I like to take my time and open gifts one at a time to bask in the greatness of each one, but my brain has been so scattered and i have always been the type of person that has so many ideas in my head that I will start multiple projects at one time and finish them randomly,well it just so happens that i put the finishing touches on both of my layouts posted today that I just had to share them both,hope you don't mind the extra posting!

I made this layout from photos taken last year around Christmas time.Being a proud Military family we are given the chance to travel together to new places and we had been stationed in North Carolina up until April of '09,meaning that was the place Lexi was born and in the entire 4 years living there we had yet to witness snow until this one very freakish day in December 2008.Lexi was so excited to get out and play in it,I just had to pause the fun for some photo ops,its a day we as a family will never forget!


  1. great pics :) and of course fun layout there, Jill!

  2. Extra posts are bonuses :) I had a triple whammy yesterday.

    Love the layout! The design is awesome and the colors are beautiful!

  3. This is so clean - looooove it! It so reminds me of winter, and those photos are toooo cute!

  4. Don't mind at all... keep on posting!! Love your layout! the photos are sooo fun and I just love the colors!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. I’ve been trying to scrap some military pictures of my boyfriend but none of the Army stuff out there is inspiring me. Have any suggestions?

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