Monday, February 22, 2010

The Shadow Project

So i have been crafting like crazy and therefore,started multiple projects and am yet to finish one to post so in the mean time for your bloggy entertainment, i just had to share this most amazing idea I came across the other day VIA blog hopping...I found this most inspiring blog from a Katie Sokoler ,artist and photographer and what she did here with crape peper will blow your mind.She started this project called the shadow project where she traced shadows onto crepe paper,posted it to walls throughout the city and waited for innocent passerbys to come and snapped theyr pic,the idea is so fun,fresh and whimsical i just had to share,also if given the time,check out her ever so cute rainbow footprints!Oh and Happy Monday!


  1. That is soooo cool!!!!!! It is so amazing that she times the shot just right so that it matches up perfectly! TFS Brianna!!!

  2. shut up girl...that is amazingly fun and what a fab idea of to check out the link!!!