Monday, February 15, 2010

this obsession is consuming my brain and taking over my home!

I made theis amzingly adorable door hanging frame for the girls bedroom door,with of course non-other than my all time favorite photo of the girls.This made Lexis day and she is so proud to have it on her door that shes has been telling everyone she knows about it!Rather than just create i decided it would be fun to document step-by-step,so here,with how to's is my little slice of off the page art.
1.create a circle on chipboard by tracing two seperate sized circles within one another

2.cut out around the outer circle and inside of the smaller circle,creating a circular frame shape,i chose to make mine a bit lopsided.

3.Next choose the materials you would like to work with.For this project I had my heart set on some old My Minds Eye paper from their dreamy 2 line.

4.choosing the paper you want to use for your base,glue to the front of the circle,leaving space on either sides of the inner and outer circles to cut flaps which you will glue down to help cover the round sides of the raw chipboard.

5.glue down flaps down to the back of your circle take the time to make (or choose)all of your add on embellishments,i had a vision ahead of time so i simply chose to create lilipop flowers and leaves with stitching and detail as i went along

7.adorn all of your embellishments,detail as desired,and voila,you too have your own frame door hanger!

well there it is,i hope you like it,as much as Lexi does,hehe!happy presidents day yall!


  1. Hey sweetie, I just saw the news over at Scrap Your Crap!!!! Congrats!!!! You rock!!

  2. Congrats on getting on the ascrap your crap DT, you rock!!!

  3. This is gorgeous Brianna!!!! I just adore it!