Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. (orison swett marden)

I too have a dream,it is to be the greatest scrapper I can be and share my "love",no scratch that,"INFATUATION",with my nerdy obsession over patterned paper,glue sticks,bling,Photos...I don't know when I made the turn,you all know what I am speaking of...the morning I woke up and went from a hobbie crafter to a semi-insane person who spent all my hubbys money,swiped things from friends packages they were just planning on throwing away,using up all the memory space on our computer slowing it down terribly,and assumingly creeping out the workers at biglots,tuesday mornings,Michaels,and my local scrapping store by checking in weekly or less.Yes I made the switch and it wasnt as gradual as it should have been,but now I am hooked and I wouldnt have it any other way,however due to my infatuation with swipping everything "for a rainy day"I accumulated much,well lets be honest,Crap...containers,tags,preety pictures,,,and I am now so excited (as is hubby for me to clean through some old stored goods)that i have the greatest excuse to use this alleged "crap"..Thats right,i put my shoe in for this crazy cool challenge site, SCRAP YOUR CRAP and made the team.Im uber excited and now i get to share my love for stuff with others!The chosen team is so inventive,they all craft like total rockstars!cant wait for challenge #1!!!

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