Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ThrowBack photo!

I must be one of the few Scrappers that indeed does not own a scanner(its in my near investment future..i swear)Anyways,so I hopped on my Facebook today and saw that my Aunt had posted this great photo of me from when I was about 4.See my mom with me,she used to sing lead in a local country band,she actually has trophies for top vocalist in the state of Maine,well needless to say she passed her passion and god given talent on to me,her only daughter,and here I am showcasing one of my first debuts on stage.I must say,for all I obsess and love the art of Scrapbooking,singing is my first true passion.I feel most like myself singing loud in the house to the divas(you know who I mean...Mariah,Whitney,Celine,Martina)So there we have it,my nostalgia for the day!I hope you like to see sweet little me!I'm off to my corner to create,so until tomorrow....

1 comment:

  1. That's just all kinds of adorable! I was looking through old photo albums last night and thinking about scanning some oldies but goodies. TFS!