Friday, April 9, 2010

opposites attract

From the very first moment Aubrielle was conceived I knew she was not going to be just like her sister,but I never could have fathomed that she would be Alexias complete opposite.The pregnancies were 110% opposite form the get go,and I swore Aubrey was going to be a boy.Then the day she came into this world I saw just how un-alike they were.Lexi was swaddled until she was one,at one day old Aubrey would fight and scream until she got just one arm un-swaddled.Lexi fought in showers,screaming and trying to escape,while Aubrey would love it in there and just be at such peace.For as much as they don't share in personality traits,they are nothing less than the best of friends,I can only hope they will always stay this way(but i am not holding my breath!haha)


  1. I love this LO! Very sweet :-)

  2. Oooo...this is SO pretty! Love those stars, and the pictures are too precious!

  3. so sweet, love the sepia picture. our DD's are complete opposites too.