Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Now I have that song stuck in my head(grrrr),but all for good reasoning.So since I am not a card maker I decided to create this super "sweet" greeting for a friend by turning an old embellishments packaging into a candy holder.How fun would it be to get some candy that is not only yummy but super cute too!

And speaking of sweet,and therefore the not so sweets,I had not even realized I had not shared this layout with y'all from My Gutters girls dt swap/prompt from July(tisk tisk I know)I had been stashing these photos for that perfect layout and I found it in this challenge.How horrific will these photos be in years to come for my oldest daughter.Yes your eyes do not deceive you,that is actually my sweet little girl in a not-so-sweet moment when she decided she wanted to go to the potty alone like a big girl,and didn't want mommy in the room,literally 2 minutes later she started crying and came walking out of the room like this!hehe what had happened or what she was trying to do,we will never know,but i do know this will go down in the book as one of the funniest kid photos to date!Theres also a great photo in the layout with a nother great story of the day she wanted to get into the cupboard and find some food,but all she could reach was the GIANT bag of flour on the floor!To a two year old,this is a great idea,but we adults know what happens to flour when it gets wet,that all coated in her mouth was punishment enough!Oh the things that go through little minds.


  1. Those are some FUNNY photos!!! THis will be something to bring out when her first boyfriend comes to the! LOVE both the candy holder and the fabulous layout!!!

  2. Too funny! That layout is seriously beautiful!!

  3. Great lo's and blog
    Also just wanted to let you know if you had time, it is your turn on build a page on the boxx!
    Hope you are having a great day