Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bring on the changing....

first off of the seasons!I created a fall door wreath to celebrate the beginning of fall which is fast approaching.I cant wait to dig out my door wreath hanger(hehe) to hang it up for all to see!check out this and some other stunning wreaths from the girls over at Simply Scrapping!Let me tell you,they rocked this challenge out the park.And don't forget to play along Next Friday for the back to school crop,fun,friends,and prizes!I will be creating and hosting 4 challenges myself,and I cant wait to share what I created for this!And while we are on the subject of changing,tomorrow kicks off my restart of my diet(hey no one is perfect)but after three weeks break I think its time to get back on track....and seriously,i know some of you may think i am crazy,cause my profile pic looks good,but let me share a little secret I have been embarrassingly hiding...that is an older photo,the pounds have been added and the photo taking has been halted so i truly have much weight to loose!wish me luck..and don't to stop by and play along next week!

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