Monday, January 31, 2011

what i live for...

Lets be honest here,those who peek at my blog know how much my girls mean to me,they are my world,and it shows when they are mostly what i scrap.They are so special,these girls,and they have such big personalities.Lexi is the quieter one while Aubrey,even being the second born is the natural leader
,but they are also so alike in so many ways.
I love to watch them together.the hugs and kisses,and little things they do,they tug on my heart strings.Like the other day when they got out of the car and aubrey HAD to hold lexis hand the three doors down to our front door,and lexi happily obliged her.It makes me sad to think of the days when this will no longer happen.
i had made this fun and colorful layout playing around at color combos galore,i am loving having the time to play along at so many places.This was two weeks ago's color challenge,but with the sad,unforeseen circumstances,i am just getting to post this,but happy to share!

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  1. the colours on this LO are just sensational! really makes the photos pop! Gorgeous work! xx