Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Im leaving on a jet plane..

(insert hum) you know you wanna sing along!So hubby was sent on travel to San Diego for the week,and asked me to go with him(EEK)Let me tell you i was born in a little town in Maine,and have not lived off th east coast,or even traveled off of it,so this is my very first vacation and west coast experience.We are thinking of puting in for relocation here text year when our term in Maryland(where i live currently and flew from)is up(so i can finally get to CHA naturally :) )So I am away for the week seeing the sights and enjoying the sun!:)ill be back next week !

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  1. San Diego is fun & Maine too. I think we're vacationing in Old Orchard beach & near York beach too this Summer. We want to bring our daughter to York's wild kingdom.