Saturday, March 19, 2011

how lucky i am

In so many ways.I have a great family that i built with love.I am blessed to stay home with my girls everyday and watch them grow.They are such sweet little girls and as all parents know,you are never complete until you have a little one call you mama.So in spirit of the lucky holiday,the Scrap that Baby design team is scrapping all about being lucky mamas.
Come check it out and play along!I am also super lucky to have had the chance to spend all last week in sunny California with Hubby,and (GASP) no kids.We flew back late last night and gathered up our girls for much missed cuddle time before bed :)
I will be sure to post some pics later this week!enjoy your weekend,i myself am watching 5 children for the night,not including my two.Hopefully i am still sane enough to get some scrapping in tomorrow when they part from us!


  1. Love the layout. It's nice you got some alone time with your hubby!! How fun!

  2. love the photo Brianna! gorgeous layout and bright and cheery colours too. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. love the framing and the bright fun colors!!