Thursday, April 7, 2011

ahh for the red,white,and blue

For all those that frequent my blog(thank you for coming back to the madness)haha,but really for all those that know,My husband is in the U.S Marine Corps.I have been with him since the day he joined,so the ups and downs have come and gone,and we have managed,yet we now face a new challenge within this great situation,and that is the situation of the possibility of government shutdown.If yall haven't heard,i guess the situation is that the republicans and democrats cannot decide on a government budget for the year.we have already been on extension since October,and now they are at the end of this extension which would mean no money for any government,which in my world would mean,no paychecks for a period of time.It is said that they have until tomorrow to set a budget,but if not fixed before payday next week,we,along with many other military families will see no money until the situation is resolved,ah the stress of being a military family.But amongst all this government chaos,i still remain a true,tried,VERY PROUD,marine wife.
Normally i scrap about my girls,i love the bright colors and girliness i can add to the layouts,but i recently was able to create some goodies using some Jenni Bowlin,which if you haven't noticed,it is AMAZING for military and USA projects and layouts!I created all the goodies for the new local scrappy store in town,The scrapbook Nook.

The layout is of Hubbys first deployment back in 2007,which i am beyond greatful,has to date,been our one and only 6 month deployment,with MANY week and 2 week long travel stints.Little Lexi was just 18 months old,and oh so sweet.It happened to be that the day they returned was also the day before my birthday.What more could a girl have asked for on her birthday!So until tomorrow,where we wait for the news on where the government will go from here,have a great night :) I plan on spending my night working on the nursery.I finally got the main wall painted last night!

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