Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mmmm TOES!

It was a CRAZY 87 degrees here on Monday.I couldn't believe it,i was running around barefoot like a mad women.Nothing like proving the old saying "barefoot and pregnant" true.Sadly that lasted a whole day and it was back to 55 degrees and raining first thing Tuesday morning.But i was able to get my first photo shoot of the season done!It was a first birthday shoot,and the little angel was just too cute!Here's a peek of my favorite(edited) shot.
Speaking of toes,i just loved this pic of the girls,and their stinky toes.They were helping me make lunch one day and their dangling toes were just to cute not to catch a pic,and then of course i scrapped it!I just love these simple moments.Lord knows in just two short months with kenzie's arrival,the simple times will be farther between,but blissfully so!
I hope yall are having some great peeks of spring weather!


  1. How precious!! I can't wait for that warm weather to get here! It's showing it's sunny face slowly but I want it NOW!!!

    I love RENT! btw!! I got all excited hearing it on your bloggy hahaa!!

  2. cute this layout Brianna!

  3. Great page! I love the purple in this color combo! Thanks for the inspiration!