Friday, September 16, 2011

blog your heart...

Stephanie Howellposted a great inspirational post the other day challenging others to blog their heart.I always have the hardest time with my blogging.I always feel a bit awkward,not knowing what to say,if people will keep interest in it,i often wonder if people are even reading my posts,so i decided that this was a great challenge for me.I hope I can blog better and maybe others can relate.So here are my recent truths.

1.personal truth:I just recently made a huge turn in my soul.As a military wife,you often get to a point in your life that you feel completely lost.You cannot choose love,it chooses you,but loving a military man is rough.He has a career where you are constantly uprooted,and holding a career yourself is difficult,so you often feel you are not a person but just a mom and wife and another special part of the military.I would never change it for anything but it may take longer for one to find themselves.I have recently been finding myself and am loving how i feel through it all.

2.Mommy truth:I spend time reading books to the girls,endless cuddles,i stop what i am doing at anytime to meet their needs,we go out and do fun things,but somehow it never feels enough.The early years go by too quickly and I always worry I am living it wrong.I just hope the memories I try to create are ones they cherish when their older.

3.Scrappy truth:I often feel discouraged with my craft of choice.Its hard putting myself out there.I do not take rejection easily,and its disheartening being turned down for design teams time and time again.I have to keep reminding myself that the art I create is for my family,and just to remember to cherish the time spent creating and the memories I capture,rather than the perfection of the layout.

I am sure there are people who can relate.I would love to hear if you do in anyway,and I in turn challenge you to join Stephanie to blog your heart.I love to know more about scrappers behind the amazing pages!


  1. I very much relate to your second and third goes by too fast, way too fast..and its very discouraging when you put yourself out there and are turned down. Don't give up though,if its something you really want, keep at it!!
    You sound like one strong mama and wife! Your family is blessed to have you!

  2. i relate with EVERY single piece of this post. thank you for being brave and for blogging your heart. xxo

  3. Thanks for finding me! I loved reading your post and could totally relate too! I think that's one of the great things about blogging from the heart is that you find out so many others feel the same way :) I are strong! You know what's important and are doing all you can to make sure of that :) Keep it up!! Hugs :)

  4. Wow! Loved reading your truths too! :) It sounds like you are an amazing mommy to those 3 cute littles. I am so glad that you find time to scrap...I've been peeking at your blog...and love your layouts! Super-cute :) And keep trying the DT thing...when the time and place are'll happen.
    Thanks too, for the sweet comments left on my 'blog your heart post'.
    Can't wait to see what designs you come up with next! Happy scrappin!