Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ninja training

What do you do when you find yourself doing the dishes and your three year old daughter walks in the room announcing to you ,very seriously,that she is in the other room teaching your 8 month old daughter"how to be a ninja"?Now fist off,let me say,they were all safe,baby in her bouncer seat,strapped down,so I knew it wasn't dangerous.Do you giggle at the thought,How do you encourage her creativity,without allowing violence?
Lucky for me,my three year old seems to hold the attention span of a guppy,and quickly changed her activity to one of sweeter intentions,so today we laugh at her thoughts,and prepare for what I can only imagine will come on another day!Speaking of my 8 month old though,she is growing just so quickly.I had captured her little sweet face around 3 weeks old,and scrapped to remember,using Coloring Book.I loved how this kit was so very versatile.I also wanted to hare a peek of what I have been working on with next months kit,up for grabs in just a few days!It features alot of great Authentique and Echo Park.

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  1. this page and the photo are soooo soooo sweet!!!! great design and LOL on the ninja training!!! BTW love how fun your info page is about u!!!