Monday, December 20, 2010

its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Let me say that I am super excited for Christmas this year!i love Christmas and all that it embodies,and being away from family for Christmas is the hardest,but with my wonderful hubby,two sweet girls,and a seemingly healthy baby bean growing rapidly,you cannot help but feel blessed.Alexia is just eating up Christmas this year,and begging to do all the amazingly festive things.So far we have seen LOTS of cool lights,decorated at multiple houses,searched for and cut down the "perfect" tree,painted our plate on which we will place the homemade cookies we plan to make Christmas eve for the fat man himself,made ornaments,and let us not forget our first ever gingerbread house!

It was so much fun,and Aubrielle just LOVED sneaking a candy or two here.I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of our week!

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